Hi, my name is Derek Swinhart.  I am currently enrolled at THE Ohio State University as Glass Major for ye old fine arts bachelor degree, heading into my last year.  I love video games, music, movies, books, sports, etc.  I think Red Dead Redemption is the best game of this generation, that or Dark Souls.  I have all the systems and I love them all for different reasons.  I am a big PC gamer as well so expect content regarding that as well.  I love music, perhaps even more than games, so I will be reviewing that as well.  It will almost exclusively be metal but I may occasionally review some other stuff.

Email: derswinhart@gmail.com

Xbox Live Gamertag: Swinhart

PSN: Swinhart

Steam: Swinhart

About Reviews:  Reviews in the end are opinions, and as such I try not to score them.  Scores can be effective in summing up a review but are usually misinterpreted.  Think of my scores as spit-balling of sorts, read the words and let those tell you what I think.

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