Metal you need to listen to: Vol. 1

There is so much metal out there, being the arguably biggest single genre of music, with the most varied and widely different bands, it can be dense and terrifying to delve into.  Fortunately for you, I plan on doing some of the work, by talking about some of the best hidden gems, or criminally underrated bands out there.



A one man band, played, written and recorded by Chris Denman, LifelessOne is terrifying, crushing and fierce. Filled with stomping riffs, vicious drumming and an all out aural assault, LifelessOne is as heavy as it gets.  Quick, memorable tracks, clear production and catchy guitar work make for an awesome experience.  LifelessOne is a band to look forward to in the future, especially on what is hopefully an inevitable full length LP.

Hang The Bastard:


Hang The Bastard mixes the sludgy, groovy riffs of a band like Red Fang and the blackened, choking vocal styling’s of Skeletonwitch.  Few albums have as many hooks as Sex In The Seventh Circle, one of last years best albums.  There is an astonishing amount of pure riffage on display here, every single song, save for a few slower grooves, contain enormous guitars and are catchier than music created by a band like Hang The Bastard has any right to be.  Sex In The Seventh Circle was criminally underrated last year.

The Absence:


Easily the most well-known band on this list, The Absence still has yet to receive the proper attention they deserve.  Hailing from Florida’s metal scene, The Absence are a love child of At The Gates and Carcass, making for some of the best modern melodeath around. Sadly, they have gone dark after releasing three incredible albums and one single two years ago is the last piece of new music from the band. Still touring, and apparently working on a new album, expect their latest work to grace my year end list when it releases.



I saw Solipsist open for Kvelertak and Gojira, but among these giants they didn’t feel out of place at all.  Their groove focused metal and vocal styling’s immediately reminded me of seminal Virginia metal band Lamb Of God, channeling their best work.  With the wait for their next album seemingly taking forever, between Randy Blythe’s memoir and Chris Adler’s work with Megadeth becoming a real thing, Solipsist is there to fill a huge void in our listening library.  The Burning Mass, their most recent album, is a slab of pure metal goodness, and a perfect example of just how good they are.

Bastard Sapling:


Bastard Sapling is some black metal with serious melody and some sludgy riffing.  Instinct Is Forever was one of last years best albums, filled with memorable songs and epic, atmospheric pieces.  Black metal is something that even I find hard to get into, but Bastard Sapling has made it catchy, brutal, haunting and at times soothing.  Look for great things from them in the future.

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