Call Of The Void: Ageless

Call Of The Void’s sound is relentless, mixing grind, blackened tendencies, hardcore and death metal elements.  Ageless is crunchy and contains absolutely massive riffs dripping with pure rage. Despite sporting much higher production quality than their last album, it retains the pounding, churning, rusted aesthetic that was so potent on Dead End Path. Album opener ‘Old Hate’ sets the pace, with a slow and powerful build that comes in waves, crashing over listeners until all hell breaks loose, unleashing one of the most massive riffs heard since the Converge track ‘Dark Horse’.

‘Old Hate’ is a perfect example of why the songwriting is so strong on Ageless, Call Of The Void understands using structure to provide a varied and intense listening experience.  Quick interludes and a brisk album length keep things fresh and allows the listener to be assaulted without becoming an exhausting experience.  The hatred in the vocals is palpable, the line “screaming through a blistered throat” on ‘Old Hate’ could not be more applicable, with them sounding raw, tortured and emotional.  Ageless exudes a dripping sense of pain as if pulled from some eldritch nightmare, Call Of The Void are capable of something that is doubly alluring and yet altogether terrifying.

Ageless is not without it’s groove, ‘Truth in Bone’ offers a perfect follow up to ‘Old Hate’, the pace is quicker and contains pounding drums that lead the track along with a dangerously infectious groove.  Listeners are allowed to lose themselves in tracks like these, whereas others like ‘R.I.S.’ bring back the absorbing blanket of hatred that has been thrown over this LP.  Each track brings shifts that are deftly handled, between quick punk-fueled tears or black-metal riffs followed by hardcore drumming, Ageless has it all.

Call Of The Void have created an album that is simultaneously many genres and none at all.  It is impossible to contain or categorize and the music spills out at a speed that can be overwhelming, leaving listeners wanting.  Some songs that feel like they have just gotten started may seem to end too quickly, although it could be a testament to the hooks themselves provided here.  Ageless is powerful in its terror and pure rage, it pummeled and left me bloody, but I still wanted more, Call Of The Void has me hooked.


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