Ingested: The Architect of Extinction

Ingested achieve something incredible on their latest LP Architect Of Extinction, they make brutal death/slam metal much more palatable to the uninitiated. Songs follow a cadence that is easily digested compared to bands like Abominable Putridity and Cephalic Impurity. With clear chorus, verse, chorus structures and vocals that jump from screaming highs to vomitous, guttural lows. Jay Evans delivery is concise and cutting, and his variety is a breath of fresh air compared to the constant, slamming vocals of modern contemporaries.  Their vocalist stated this was Ingested in its purest form, and listeners will be inclined to agree, Architect of Extinction is head and shoulders above their previous LP’s The Surreption, and Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering. 

Album opener ‘ The Divine Right of Kings’ is a highlight, delivery of lines like “Become the idol to your rival, Every breath that you take vital, Find their weakness and exploit it, Fear your strength, they’ll kneel before it” are adrenaline inducing and shows maturity compared to songs like ‘Pre-Released Feotal Mush’.  Ingested, despite their namesake, have moved beyond shock and awe gore lyrics and into more “subtle” territory in comparison, with songs like ‘Rotted Eden’ containing religious imagery as opposed to their blood soaked previous albums.

The Architect of Extinction thankfully staves off much of the listener exhaustion that can come with listening to forty-two minutes of brutal, slamming death, with timely placed instrumentals and song build-ups that add some much needed respite before the onslaught continues.  Despite all this, much of the album can bleed together, with these moments being the most obvious breaks between tracks.  The structure created here is strong but one-note at times, making for a listen that is still best taken in bite-sized chunks, rather than all at once, as songs can still sound similar enough to the point of melding together.

Ingested are at the top of their game on The Architect of Extinction, and are only a step away from truly blossoming as a band.  Their latest LP is their best yet and provides some serious slam while retaining cohesion and clarity. The album can be tiring as any death metal release but it works hard to keep listeners engaged with tracks like ‘Penance’ showing growth on the side of the band.  The Architect of Extinction is Ingested’s best album to date, and deserves a place in any slam metal fans library.


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